Twiga Trek

A cycle ride at Nguuni Nature Park for 6 – 13 year olds. A BIG cycle challenge riding among giraffe, ostrich, a bad-tempered donkey and all sorts of other good-tempered animals!

So exciting and the wildlife makes sure you keep pedaling to the end.

Not finished yet though. You still have to do the gauntlet – a few challenges like climbing, crawling, running, jumping, walking the tight rope and more!

A five km ride for the littlies and up to 20 km ride for the bigger participants.

2019 will be the third year that we will be running this event.

The event raises funds for The Kenya Kesho School for Girls and pays for the salaries for our teachers

What we want to do in 2019 is to get lots of corporates to send the children of their employees (and pay the entrance fee) to participate in the Twiga Trek 2019.  This will enable children that would never see 'the other side of life' to compete and enjoy.  Everyone from all walks of life will participate and help those with only one walk of life.  Welcome, bring your friends and family, bring the kids of your employees, bring the whole world to enjoy the fun and games of raising funds for charity.