There are very many health issues related to poverty.
Poverty is both a cause and a consequence of poor health.

Intestinal Worms

At the start of each term we have many children hugely infected with intestinal worms.  Kids get ‘shillingis’ (they commonly get little rings on their heads where the hair falls out and doesn’t grow back) which is the external manifestation of internal worms and shows us that they are totally contaminated.  These worms sap all the energy out of the kids making them want to sleep all the time, making them vomit and generally making them very unwell and lackadaisical.  They are treated on the first day of each term and this has had a very good impact.  Our teachers have been trained to monitor all kids every day for anything that is abnormal.

Jigger Eradication

What is the itchiest you have ever been in your life?  Multiply that by at least 100 and imagine how sore and uncomfortable you would feel.  Tunga Penetrans, or jigger, is a flea that burrows into the skin, mostly around the toenails and fingernails and feeds on its host.  They are extremely itchy and painful if not treated.  How many of you that read this have ever had a jigger? Jiggers are a result of poor hygiene and can be prevented with very simple treatments.  Children are especially vulnerable.  Once the female flea is settled under the skin she starts to grow, and grow, and grow.  Big fat jiggers, once dug out, look like great big fat maggots.  If not treated and removed, she will then POP.  All her eggs are then spread under the skin and the whole process will start all over again, but multiplied by many times.  Heavy infestations can lead to severe swelling, ulceration, toenail loss and in extreme cases gangrene and digit loss.

Kids with severe infestations cannot walk to school because of the irritation and suppuration of the sores.  Flies thrive on these sores and make infections worse.  School performance drops.  Of course, education is crucial in the eradication of jiggers and we need to raise funds to implement a solution for people infected with jiggers and worms. 

We will use 'any jigger donations' received to build a ‘foot bath’ that the girls will have to walk through on their way into school each morning.  I hope that we will also be able to build a ‘slab’ with taps, soap and scrubbing brushes where children will be able to scrub their hands each day as they come into school. Donate to the Kenya Kesho Trust


Why does menstrual health matter?  Did you know that girls miss out on 25% of teaching time because they are embarrassed to go to school when menstruating.  Embarrassment, cultral and gender taboos and ignorance on women's and girls' health matters are still hidden away from discussion and deliberation.

Sada has been instrumental in an awareness campaign promoting hygenie and reproductive health to the girls and their mothers in the local communities.  Sada has talked about early childhood pregnancy and all that is assoiciated with FGM, AIDS and STDs and how the mothers can protect their children from the misery they have endured. 

We are keeping young adolescent girls in education with this initiative. 

If you would like to sponsor reusable sanitary pads please click here

Poverty increases the chances of poor health.
Poor health, in turn, traps communities in poverty.