Building The Kenya Kesho School for Girls - a primary school for girls in Kwale County

Our aim is to focus on the new primary school for girls – to build the best school in the area – and be able to supply teachers, books, teaching aids, discipline and hope.

We are currently building the Kenya Kesho School for Girls at Mshiu Village which will be complete and ready for admissions at the end of August 2019.

The new school will have two Early Childhood Development classrooms, eight primary school classrooms, an Art Room - off the Art Room will be a small cafe for visitors, a Library, a Computer Lab, Eastern and Western style toilets and hand wash facilities.  There will also be a lovely canteen and kitchen, teachers' common room, admin rooms, Head Teacher's office and Deputy Head Teacher's office.

We just can't wait.

If we set an example through the ideals of The Kenya Kesho Trust, The Kenya Kesho School for Girls will attain the values of discipline, honesty and truthfulness.

Through the principles of a good education and the teaching of sport and art we will change the ethos and acceptance of a poor education into one of excellence and achievement.

The Kenya Kesho School for Girls

Our project will encourage more young girls to come to school and will encourage their mothers to invest in the education of their girls and so help reduce the ever tightening circle of poverty.

The issue of girls’ education is unique: a striking body of evidence demonstrates that investing in girls delivers high returns, not only for female educational attainment but also across a broad range of areas from children’s health and disease prevention, to women’s health, to more sustainable families, to women’s empowerment, to democracy, to poverty reduction and income growth and productivity, to social stability and economic growth and will make a critical difference to their long-term success.

Imagine what a difference that will make.  Imagine!


Why now?

As the gap between rich and poor continues to grow in Kenya, so do the numbers of children who fall through the cracks.  Education for girls has been identified as one of the best solutions for reversing the relentless trend of poverty and is one of the most powerful tools to empower women within the family and society.  Educating a girl changes her destiny, raises families out of poverty, and is a starting point for social change.  Education is the key to unlocking potential for girls in our area of Kwale County.  By providing education in a very rural area we are setting new standards for taking responsibility for the future of girls.  If we don’t act now another generation of girls from coastal southern Kenya will slip through the net of education.

We need you!   Why support this project?

Research and programme experience suggest that building a decent school within a village and providing trained teachers, teaching materials, and a reasonable curriculum are often enough to bring most girls into school — at least at the primary level – and encourages parents to get more involved in the education of their children.

It may not be easy for you to know where to put your funds to work.  There are thousands of charities operating in Kenya but not all can say every Shilling goes towards the project.  As potential donors it is critical to be able to trust that your donation is well-managed and not wasted.

This project offers you the opportunity to maximize your giving by connecting with a solid and ethical project run by people who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to making a difference.

  •    Kenya Kesho School for Girls offers an efficient and powerful way for your money to have a direct and positive impact on the lives of young girls.
  •    Kenya Kesho’s integrity, transparency and accountability are beyond doubt. The Trust has been operating for over a decade and            clearly demonstrates the lasting commitment that Sandra and Peter have made to improving the lives of those most in need.
  •    The accounts for Kenya Kesho are published online.