The Kenya Kesho Team

Peter Ruysenaars

Co-founder of Kenya Kesho

Peter was born and brought up in Kenya.  By profession he is a Certified Accountant and was resident manager of Price Waterhouse (PWC) before operating his own practice and becoming one of Kenya’s top tax consultants.  In 1990 he retired to become involved with big game fishing.  He now spends most of his free time administering the Trust.

Peter loved every minute of his school life.  Peter was awarded a scholarship to St Mary’s School in Nairobi and did really well with the backing of family, good teachers and his own hard work.  He went on to train as an accountant in Nairobi and was able to thrive and be successful.  Everything he ever learnt was here in Kenya.


Sandra Ruysenaars

Co-founder & Chairwoman of The Kenya Kesho Trust

Sandra was also born and brought up in Kenya and is a retired hotelier.  Sandra spends all her free time talking about Kenya Kesho.

Sandra hated school from day one and only went to school to chat to her friends and to organize disruptive demonstrations against unequal treatment, unequal opportunities and unequal anything! 

As life long Kenyans who have been successful businesspeople and philanthropists Sandra and Peter have a deep understanding of Kenyan culture and society and are also well aware of how they benefited from a good education.

Their combination of strong personal commitment, passion and pragmatism has meant that the Trust has operated successfully for over a decade.

As they transition from making a difference in the lives of individual students to making a wider difference at a community level by establishing The Kenya Kesho School for Girls there is no doubt that they will apply the same deeply ethical and hands-on approach to this project.


Daniel Kisombe


Daniel comes from Taita/Taveta County.  As the top student in the Primary Certificate examinations he then received sponsorship to secondary school through Starehe Boys Centre.  After graduating in computer studies he has been sponsored by Kenya Kesho for the last nine years as the IT teacher at Kwale Boys High School.
He strongly believes in the values of Kenya Kesho and has witnessed the impact the Trust has had on the less advantaged in Kwale County.


Jeanet Guijt


We met Jeanet in Nairobi 6 years ago.  She was totally enthusiastic about Kenya Kesho and wanted to become involved immediately.  She has brought her enthusiasm for life and her empathy for the less privileged to the team.  We welcome her understanding of the Kenya Kesho objectives.  Jeanet’s ability to network is paramount for positive relationships with our supporters.  Jeanet had her own very successful restaurant business in Holland before she came to Kenya.


Sada Hassan

Sada is one of our success stories.
Sada is the first and only girl in our location to graduate from University with a degree in Aquatic Resource Conservation and Development.
We are all very proud of her.
She graduated in 2017 from Maseno University.
As she says in one of her letters to us, she would be a mother maybe three times over and possibly a drug addict too had she not been taken up and sponsored by Kenya Kesho.
She is wise beyond her years.