Protecting our Environment

Vegetable Greenhouses

Plant a garden and plant the seed for a better future!

We will be helping in the school kitchen with lovely fresh vegetables so the girls can benefit from tasty, nourishing meals.  We are looking for a volunteer to help us with the veggie tunnels.

Bee Hives

Fees in a bottle!

We have six very unproductive bee hives!  We really need a volunteer who knows about bees, bottling and marketing to come and give us advice and a hand.

Trees and the environment

Own a tree, love a tree.

We are avid tree people and have planted thousands of indigenous trees.  For every desk we need/make we plant at least one indigenous tree to try and pay back to the environment in a very small way.  You can sponsor a tree for US$ 3.

Your donations give us the freedom to be creative, come up with innovative solutions and demonstrate them with our school, community and County partners.


Volunteer to help